Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we hope to answer your questions. If after your review of this section, your question(s) are still not answered, please reach out to us, with clear summarized details of your query. We will get back to you ASAP during normal working hours (Mon – Fri  |  8am – 5pm  |  +2 GMT).

Do You Deliver?
Oh yes we sure do.
With zero stress, we deliver to any door step.

Do You Charge for Delivery?
Of course we do!
Our delivery charges come in two forms:

  1. Fixed Delivery Fee and
  2. Service fee.

What is “Fixed Delivery Fee”?
This is a delivery fee that is applicable on all grocery ORDERs that are blow K500.00.
No matter what you have in your shopping basket, long as your ORDER total is below K500.00, you will be charged K49.00, despite your distance. In this case, Service Fee is free.

What is “Service Fee”?
This is a fee we charge you for using our service.
The service fee is 10% and only applies when your total groceries ORDER is above K500.00. Basically we use this fee to pay up our delivery drivers, our shoppers and all. In this case, delivery is on us, and is free.

When Will I Receive My Groceries?
Most groceries are dispatched for delivery within 2 hours (unless there are items out of stock or delay in stock packaging at our distribution centers) and are then delivered to your door step with 2.7 hours. This means, in less than 3hrs, after you place your order, your groceries should be with you.

Grocery ZM will not be held liable,
if you request to have your parcel left at your delivery address without a signature.

All prices are in Zambian Kwacha, and are subject to change without prior notice.

How can I pay?
On checkout, you can pay for your groceries via secure FlutterWave.
Don’t worry! – neither Grocery ZM nor FlutterWave share your information. We NEVER STORE or SHARE your information with anybody else. We just need it in case we need to contact you about your groceries order.

Where applicable, you can also pay for your groceries upon delivery. This means, you place your order, then swipe or pay with cash when your groceries arrive.

Will I receive notification of my order?
Yes you will, through your  email you will provide during the checkout process.
We will send you a receipt of your order via your email. Please read and check all details on your receipt carefully to make sure that they are correct. If the details are erroneous, please reach out to us, and request to have your details corrected ASAP.

Grocery ZM will not be held liable for an erroneous delivery address.

My order is delayed.
If your groceries have not arrived within 2.9hrs, we have probably run into a challenge beyond our control – excessive congestion, presidential motorcade, closed road and the like. But, be rest assure we are working on it, and we shall be with you soon.

Can I order for my friends?
Oh yes! You can surprise a family member, a friend, or anyone close to you whom you feel will love and appreciate a helping hand with some groceries. Simply enter there valid delivery address as you checkout.

How do I cancel my order?
If you have changed your mind about your groceries, you can actually cancel your entire order.
To do this, login to your account, and click the ‘My Orders tab.’ Find the order you wish to cancel, and cancel it.

Cancellation Requests are reviewed as they are received.
Approval or denial of all cancellation requests is at the sole discretion of Grocery ZM,
and Grocery ZM’s decision is final.

How do I buy Groceries on Grocery ZM?
Piece of cake!
Just follow the following steps below, and you good to go.

  • Browse through the store and find the groceries you need.
  • Add the product to your Shopping Basket.
  • View the shopping basket to review your groceries. Add / Remove as you see fit.
  • If you are happy with your groceries, and you have entered your appropriate address, you can proceed to checkout. If you still need more crafts, simply head back to the store and continue shopping.
  • If you’re not logged in or registered yet, this might be a good time to do so.
  • Once you logged in, proceed to checkout and pay for your groceries.

Order Summary
We will send you confirmation of your order by email. If you still do not see your order note, try checking your spam box. For effective delivery of your order email notifications, you can add Grocery ZM email to your address book.

How do I leave a review?
At Grocery ZM, we love to know what you think about us. This is mainly for the purposes of improving our service to you, hence we ask you to take a minute and write your craft reviews on products you purchase. In certain instances, we will be sending you reminder emails to  write your reviews.

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