Delivery Policy

Completed your Groceries shopping?!

We delivery to any address you specify – yours, your friends, your family and all. We strive to deliver within our 2.9hrs stipulated time frame, but due to distance variances from household to household, we may delay with some ‘seconds’ at times. If within 2.9hrs your groceries don’t show up, reach out to us.
Every order at Grocery ZM is custom printed just for you,
and will take an hour of preparations prior to being dispatched and delivered to you.


  • We deliver on week days only. Monday – Friday.
  • Delivery Clock starts to run when you receive the “Your Order Has Completed!” email. So keep an eye on your email box.
  • The 2.9hrs delivery estimate time does not include packaging time. We need time to pack and ensure your groceries are well secured, as if they where being delivered to our own homes.

Do You Charge for Delivery?
Of course we do!
Our delivery charges come in two forms:

  1. Fixed Delivery Fee and
  2. Service fee.

What is “Fixed Delivery Fee”?
This is a delivery fee that is applicable on all grocery ORDERs that are blow K500.00.
No matter what you have in your shopping basket, long as your ORDER total is below K500.00, you will be charged K49.00, despite your distance. In this case, Service Fee is free.

What is “Service Fee”?
This is a fee we charge you for using our service.
The service fee is 10% and only applies when your total groceries ORDER is above K500.00. Basically we use this fee to pay up our delivery drivers, our shoppers and all. In this case, delivery is on us, and is free.

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