Welcome to Grocery ZM

Well first of all,
we do much of delivering than typing and talking. It’s in us.
Really, there’s very little to dig around here.

So here’s something exciting
you’re going to do:

1. You will CLICK HERE and head back to our store;
2. You will add all your much needed in-house groceries to your Trolly or Basket;
3. You will then proceed and securely pay for your Groceries after which;
4. We will head to the supermarket for you & boom!

Now that’s certified exciting..
Let’s try it, shall we??

In summary, we’re a Zambian corporate that runs a Grocery Delivery Marketplace service in Zambia, and Africa wide. 

The Marketplace Service seamlessly connects Customers to Reputable Retailers, to Shoppers, and to Delivery Drivers.


Still curious about
Who We Are?